Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Avoiding Disaster

This lovely piece of Lego architecture is what my 6 year old son wanted to take to school for show and tell today. This is the same kid that freaks out when one little brick falls off of his wonders of engineering. I'm not sure how he thought this thing would survive 2 bus rides and a full day at school with 23 other sets of hands wanting to touch this Star Wars Lego creation.

I calmly told him that he couldn't take it to school because it was sure to get broken...and there is no way I would be able to know how to fix the 500 piece marvel. It must be really rough to be 6 because, if the V19 Torrent couldn't be taken to school, there would be NOTHING to share. Oh the humanity. I guess the other 1000 toys we own just wouldn't due. Of course, this all took place just minutes before the bus was to arrive for pickup.

He finally settled on taking a Bakugan to school. But I'm sure all he'll talk about is the V19 Torrent he wanted to bring but his mean, unreasonable mother wouldn't let him.

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